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When you reach out and fill out our contact form (you can do that here), we will send over menu and pricing information with all of our packages and what is included. Let us know what package or packages you are interested in and how many, and we will send you a contract and invoice!

In addition to all of the food included in your order, we also include paper goods with each package (plates, napkins, plasticware, serving utensils).

When reaching out, we will figure out a delivery time that works for your event and arrive in a 1 hour window with hot food! If you would prefer to pick up your order, we can arrange for that as well!

We deliver within a 30 minute radius of our kitchen in Dover, NH! If you are outside of the delivery area, we are always willing to let you pick up your order!

All of our packages are intended to feed the number of people listed (in most cases 20). If you are concerned about quantities, we always recommend adding an additional package. 


Because we will not be serving the food, we cannot guarantee that your guests will not take larger portions and want to make sure that the last people in line have as much of a chance to eat as the first!


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